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Instant Makeup Remover - RIVAJ HD

Instant Makeup Remover - RIVAJ HD

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A go-to makeup remover that gently erases long-wearing makeup without damaging the skin. Ideal for every skin tone. Effortlessly removes all traces of any type of makeup in just one second flat, snap! No more rubbing & scrubbing your eyes to remove mascara, eyeliner, and stubborn pigments. Simply spray it on and watch as everything melts away instantly into your cotton wool pad - leaving you with fresh, clean skin ready for bed. 


  • Hydrating
  • Deeply cleanse
  • Zero-Irritation

How to USE:

  • Shake the bottle
  • Spray 6-7 inches away from the face in T and X motion.
  • Wait for a few seconds then just wipe it off with a cotton pad.
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