SJS International established in 1978 and since then is a leading cosmetics importer and distributor company in the region with over 40 years of professional experience in beauty, cosmetics and health care products. Our mission is to provide top quality products at affordable prices to satisfy the needs of end consumers. The most influential for SJS International is to be innovative and aim for excellence by creating a strong correlation with the customer.
Rivaj UK is itself owned manufacturing cosmetics brand under the umbrella of SJS International, which was formed in August 2008 to deliver quality homegrown cosmetic products for all consumers.
Over the past few years, Rivaj Cosmetics expanded its product line to keep with the latest trends.
What is Rivaj HD?
Rivaj HD or High Definition Cosmetic Range manufactured with top-class organic ingredients with premium quality packing is targeted for executive class consumers. A consumer who is looking just a little bit more in a product than a casual consumer.
Rivaj UK Cosmetics Range
From eye makeup to foundations, fragrances, sunblocks, blushes, highlighters, skincare & personal care products, Rivaj cosmetics has it all. We offer products for both genders also, catering to all skin tones and types, making it easy for everyone to find cosmetic products to match their skin tones.